Jonathan Parshall's interest in the Imperial Japanese Navy developed in childhood. He has written for the U.S. Naval War College Review, Naval Institute Proceedings,and World War II magazine,and has contributed to several books on the topic. In 1995 Jon founded, the foremost Internet site on the Imperial Navy, which currently attracts more than 50,000 visitors monthly. He was a member of a 1999 expedition by Nauticos Corporation and the Naval Oceanographic Office that discovered wreckage from the carrier Kaga, sunk at Midway. A graduate of Carleton College and the Carlson School of Management,he works in senior management for a Minnesota software company. He lives in Minneapolis with his wife Margaret, children Anna and Derek, and cats Hiryu and Soryu.

Anthony Tully's interest in the Imperial Japanese Navy is long-standing and wide-ranging. Like coauthor Jon, his interest began in childhood, and his interest in Midway, in particular,was inspired by Walter Lord's Incredible Victory and its careful attempts to reconstruct events. This attention to detail mentored the pattern of all of Tony's subsequent art and writing. A frequent contributor to journals and periodicals on matters both nautical and topical, Tony has been published in the U.S. Naval War College Review, Naval Institute Proceedings, Naval History, Warship International, the Dallas Morning News, Today's Christian Man, and Kudzu magazine. Likewise a member of the 1999 Nauticos/NAVO expedition, he has been an adviser to other undersea expeditions researching naval battle sites in the Philippines and elsewhere. Since 1996 Tony has been a major contributor to and other online resources on the Imperial Navy. A graduate of Texas Tech University, with extensive postgraduate studies, Tony works in the information technology and support field. He lives in Dallas, Texas.

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